Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I remove the face paint?

Soap, water and a washcloth. Kids like letting the paint float off in a bath. You might need a little washcloth action.

Is the face paint safe?

Face painting by Auntie Stacey, Sebastopol, CA

Yes. The cosmetic-grade supplies I use are highly pigmented makeup (don’t tell the boys!) that, like all makeup, contain anti-microbial ingredients. In addition, I’m a stickler for cleanliness. I keep my kit hygienic and free of cross-contamination by cleaning my brushes thoroughly between uses, and using a new sponge for each person. I utilize Q-tips to apply lip color.

In addition, I won’t paint anyone who is sick or suffering from skin or eye illness.

I’ve never had a problem with allergies, but anyone who tends to be allergic to cosmetics can request a patch test. 

Can you face paint and twist balloons at my party?

Yes, probably. Depending on the number of guests that attend, their average age, and your budget. Little kid’s birthday parties usually last about two hours. I find it’s best for me to arrive at the very start of the party, while it’s still relatively quiet, and stay for 1.5-3 hours.

If you have a large group, you might want to stick with just a Comedy show, or choose between Show and Face Paint, or Show and Balloons.

Silly Stacey in clown costume, face painting, balloon twisting, children's entertainer, fun and games

What’s the “Glitter Bar”?

The “Glitter Bar” is a popular option for teen, older kid and adult parties. It includes glitter tattoos, which last 3-7 days, gems, face painted eye bling, and lots of festival glitter.

rose glitter tattoo

How did you learn to face paint?

An artist since childhood, I’ve taken classes with the rock stars of face painting including Mark Reid, Marcela Bustamante, Lisa Joy Young, Annie Reynolds and more…I’m always practicing and adding new designs to my repertoire. A natural clown, I’ve also trained in improvisational theater. I’ve been in numerous Improv troupes including BATS Sunday players in San Francisco.

Why should I pay for a professional face painter?

A professional face painter can accommodate a large number of guests, painting quickly but still maintaining the “wow” factor. This keeps the line moving and everyone happy. Non-pros tend to burn out quickly (face painting takes a lot of patience and concentration) while experienced painters can paint for hours. 

Professional face painters use high quality supplies that are made for use on the skin and maintain high standards of hygiene. Face paint, body glues, and glitter should be cosmetic grade, not craft supplies. Non-toxic does not mean skin safe. A professional has made a substantial investment in her craft and her kit, which allows her to paint many different designs well, safely and quickly.

Face paints used by

For smaller parties, a pro can add amazing details. My customers often comment, “This is the best face painting I’ve ever seen, and you did it so quickly!” So, you actually save money if you count the number of guests served. Plus, pros carry insurance, arrive on time, and dress appropriately.

Are you the only person in your company?

Auntie Stacey, face painter
Auntie Stacey, face painter

There’s only one Auntie Stacey, but if you need an additional artist, I have a network of fantastic pros I work with including balloon twisters, clowns, and face painters.

Do you paint adults?

skull by Auntie Stacey's Face Painting,, kids, teens, adults, MUA, special effects

Yes, of course! Moms and teenagers love eye designs with plenty of sparkle. Dads like tribal eye designs and bling too.

During Halloween I paint all sorts of beautiful and scary creatures by private appointment.

mermaid makeup face paint by Auntie Stacey Dennick, Fantasy makeup for the SF Bay Area

How did you learn to twist balloons?

I learned balloon twisting from clown friends, paid online courses and extensive YouTube searches. Having good supplies helps a lot, but mostly it requires a lot of practice.

What other kinds of art do you do?

I make mosaic glass art, which I sell in my Etsy shop. I create digital media and teach creative writing to adults.

Are you available for my party?

Feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading!

Auntie Stacey

Skull Face painting by Auntie Stacey,

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