Baby dragon belly paint by Auntie Stacey Pregnant belly painting

Gestational art is a wonderful way to celebrate pregnancy with relaxed pampering for moms to be. Also a perfect time to photograph that amazing tummy, perhaps with dad and siblings.

Ready To Pop! belly painting by Auntie Stacey's Face Painting, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, San Francisco bay area face and body painter, pregnant art baby showerIt’s best to allow an hour or more for painting. Or, get a group together for power painting.

We’ll work together to come up with an original design that fits your style and your budget. Don’t worry, all of my supplies are skin and baby safe. Call for a free consultation. (Four.One.Five) 246-1227.

contact Auntie Stacey (415) 246-1227

© 2018 Auntie Stacey Dennick, all rights reserved. Please do not copy without written permission.


2 comments on “Bellies

  1. Stacie…your work is amazing! Did exactly what mommy wanted on pregnant belly. Totally recommend more pregnancy mommies doing this its fun and relaxing! Sitting outdoors in the privacy of my own home with family, was ideal.
    Definitely recommend you and will use you again the future! My art work was “Ready to Pop”…and it turned out exactly like I envisioned!

    Thanks again,
    Soto Girls


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