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About Auntie Stacey

My fun costumes add whimsy to your event. Auntie Stacey (four-one-five) 246-1227 sdennick(AT)comcast.net

I’ve been face painting professionally since 2008. Parties are my favorite places to paint and kids between the ages of three and ten are my biggest fans. I’m not ageist though – everyone is welcome to have something painted on them. Teens and adults especially enjoy eye bling, airbrush and glitter tattoos. Toddlers are often happy to have a hand painted, even if they don’t want anyone messing with their face.

contact Auntie Stacey (415) 246-1227

“I highly recommend Auntie Stacey, she delighted the kids at our Christmas party.”

– Yvonne Brown, Owner, Terra Linda Nursery School.

My current costumed characters include: Fairy Princesses, Friendly Clown (no white face), Minnie Mouse, Superhero Stacey, Pirate, Mermaid, Leopard, Frozen Winter Princess, Christmas Elf, Mrs. Claus and more. Let me know if you have a theme, I love costumes and will do my best to compliment your décor with my clothing and face painting designs. Note: I don’t wear full white face make up because it scares little kids (white face looks like a terrifying mask to them).

I have a book of designs for the kids to choose from but I like to unleash their Grandpa with Chase from Paw Patrol by Auntie Stacey's Face painting, Santa Rosa, SF Bay area, balloons, children's entertainmentimaginations. I do have greatest hits: Toothy monsters; Rainbow unicorns; cats of all kinds from pink to tiger; princess crowns; flaming arms; butterflies, skulls. I love it when the kids come up with something unexpected – an eagle, a frozen rainbow or a wounded skateboarder. Of course I also love it when they say, “Do whatever you want.”

“Auntie Stacey is dependable, creative and the kids love her.”

– Victoria Bloom, Mom, Counselor and Life Coach.

I’m an experienced performer and improviser. I’ve trained intensively with Bay Area Theatresports in San Francisco, and was a member of their “Sunday Players” troupe for three years.

When I’m not face painting I twist balloons, or make media to help small business people tell their stories.

I live in Sebastopol with my husband and two naughty cats.

© 2019 Auntie Stacey Dennick, all rights reserved. Please do not copy without written permission.

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