Classic and original party themes for children’s parties

Every parent, or auntie, that’s read the same story 10,000 times knows that kids love what’s familiar.  They cherish the characters they see in the media.  But children also have fantastic imaginations.  So, I’ve put together some party theme ideas incorporating the usual suspects, and some twists on classic themes to please both girls and boys.

• Roughest, toughest sea – home to pirates and mermaids

This ocean fantasy also provides an ideal environment for princesses, sharks and oceanographers.  Costumes & fancy dress can be created using thrift store clothes–no worries about cutting those old PJs evenly!    Use sheets for sails on a mock pirate ship.  Serve moldy hard tack, raw shark and lemons for grub.  Just kidding.

• Jungle

Dora the Explorer isn’t the only one who hangs out in the jungle.  Big cats, scientists, exotic butterflies and even dinosaurs have been found there.  Decorate with extra plants and green streamers for vines.  Serve mango smoothies.  Decorate the house with large rubber bugs and paper butterflies.

• Space

It is the final frontier, after all.  Why wait for Halloween to dress up like an alien or an astronaut?   Download photos from NASA’s website for decoration to mix in with planetary mobiles.  Celestial face paint is where glam meets cosmic.

• Alice in Wonderland

It’s a mad, mad, mad world!  Have a tea party where you celebrate everyone’s Unbirthday.  Instead of spending a lot of money on goodie bags, give each guest one toy that can be used during the party– a pack of cards or a gold paper crown would compliment the Alice In Wonderland theme.  Decorate with red and white balloons, cut out photos of roses (got an old gardening catalogue?), a banner made of playing cards.

• Superheros

from Power Rangers to firemen to divas, heros are inspiring! Enlist older siblings, an aunt or parent to help the kids transform old sheets or thrift store fabric into personalized capes.  Just write the first letter of the child’s name in block letters with a Sharpie pen, safety pin or tie around the neck, and voila, you’re ready to save the world!

Have fun!  Be colorful!


– Auntie Stacey

© 2020 Auntie Stacey Dennick, all rights reserved

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