Tracy Hill’s Fabulous Animal Show

Snake at Tracy Hill's animal show, photo by Stacey DennickAs a face painter, I see a lot of children’s entertainers, but East Bay-based Tracy Hill’s show was fur and scales above the rest.  He does a hilarious animal show with so many different critters including a hairless mouse, a scorpion, a rabbit, two chicks, a goose, a turtle, a tortoise, a tarantula, a hermit crab, and not one, not two but three snakes.  A former kindergarden teacher, Tracy keeps the children engaged with constant audience participation.  They wiggled, waved, flapped and laughed through the entire show.

Using the natural bossy-pants inclination of the young, Tracy instructs them to yell out “Eat your vegetables!”  or “stay in your cage!”   Each animal is brought out one at a time, displayed, then safely stashed in his or her traveling box.  Braver children can touch a snake.  The birthday girl got to wear him as a crown.  Everyone who wants to has a chance to pet the bunny.

The grand finale involves a huge yellow python.  But don’t call him Banana.


– Auntie Stacey

Snake at Tracy Hill's animal show, photo by Stacey Dennick

Contact Tracy Hill through his website:

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