Auntie Stacey Wins at Copperfield’s Zombie Walk

Stacey Zombie by Auntie Stacey Dennick's face painting
Auntie Stacey Zombie at the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market

You heard it hear first, Auntie Stacey Dennick won First Place in the adult category of the Zombie Moaning contest at Copperfield’s Books in downtown Sebastopol.

Every year Copperfield’s sponsors a Zombie Walk at several locations. Auntie Stacey was on hand today, Oct. 27th, for free zombiefication of anyone who wanted face painting.  After receiving instruction on proper lumbering, moaning and crowd interaction, a couple of dozen zombies, and as many groupies, terroried the Farmer’s Market. Then, it was time for the Zombie Walk Sebastopol 2013contests.

Auntie Stacey was a finalist in the lumbering contest, but lost to the Zombie Bros.  Undaunted, she pierced the competition with her soul searing moans.   Copperfield’s awarded prizes (books!) and served cookies.  What a great way to start the day!  Thanks.

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