How to be a better face painter

Lisa Joy Young at BayFABA
Lisa Joy Young at BayFABA

People often ask me how I learned to face paint. As with any skill, you need a combination of instruction, practice and good tools to become proficient.

For expert instruction, I recently attended the first annual San Francisco Bay Area Face and Body Art convention, known as BayFABA, this past September. What a treat! It was so fun to be surrounded by other face painters, our kits spread out before us, happily painting roses and teardrops on our arms, legs, and anything else we could reach.

With so many top face and body artists present, it was difficult to decide which sessions to attend. I chose to start off with Lisa Joy Young, whose Youtube channel is a must for all aspiring face painters. She’s just as organized and sweet as she is in her videos.

Another highlight was learning florals from London-based

Brierley Thorpe at BayFABA
Brierley Thorpe at BayFABA

Brierley Thorpe. Wow! Her designs take face and body painting to the realm of fine art. I’ve got to get back to practicing my flower designs.

Happy autumn!

– Auntie Stacey

BayFABA flowers by Brierley Thorpe
Flowers by Brierley Thorpe

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