How to Paint a Leopard Face – step by step tutorial

image by Ylanite Koppens, Pexels

For this make up I used Kryolan brand white and yellow, along with Wolfe brand black. You can use any band you like, as long as it’s face paint – that is makeup, not paint made for paper or canvas. Non-toxic does not mean it’s safe for use on the body. My lovely friend Willa is my model.

How to Paint a Leopard Face, step by step by Auntie Stacey Dennick

1) The Background

Spritz your white makeup cake with clean water from a small spray bottle. Wipe a dense makeup sponge back and forth across it a few times until your sponge is saturated with color. Stipple white above the eyes where you might put eye shadow with quick, firm, patting motions. Rubbing the makeup on might leave streaks. Reload your sponge and apply white under the nose and below the mouth for the muzzle. It helps to squeeze the sponge into a circle.

How to Paint a Leopard Face - Auntie Stacey's Face Painting, SF Bay Area

Next, load a new sponge with yellow or gold and apply over the rest of the face, taking care to press the color into the corners of the nose. If you want to even up the sides, or you goofed a bit, grab a baby wipe (unscented are best) and wipe off any excess. Add some white for the inner ears.

2) Get dotty

Grab a small round paintbrush. I like to use a Lowell Cornell number 3 or 4, and load it up with black face paint. Wolfe brand is great because it’s super strong, but any black will do. Paint furry hair around the perimeter of the design. Add a few ear hairs. Paint lines around the white muzzle. Add three rows of wiggly lines or dots on the muzzle where the whiskers would be. Paint a delicate line down the middle of the upper lip, starting from under the nose. Paint the end of the nose. Add your leopard spots. These should be smaller near the nose, and bigger, “C” shapes as the move away from the center of the face. Finish with a quick flick of the brush at the outer edges of the eyes to simulate cat eyes for younger children. If your model doesn’t mind makeup near her eyes, eyeliner is a lovely addition.

3) Time to Roar!

Admire. Take a photo. Go play! Remove the make up with soap, water and a washcloth.

 Enjoy! – Auntie Stacey

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